Choose the right equipment: hiking or mountain shoes with a good profile sole are essential.
Sufficient to drink and weatherproof clothing are also recommended.

A Journey trough the Tauern Window - mine Hochfeld

This event provides fascinating insights into alpine geology and the history of the National Park. The importance of the so-called “Tauern Window” is made clearly comprehensible to visitors.

Difficulty: easy/medium
Meets: in the morning at 11.00 and in the afternoon at 2.00 pm, at the Knappenstube (reachable via Geo Therme Path - 1,5 hours)
Registration: no registration possible; first come - first serve; limited amount of persons; 
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Cost: €10,00 adult, € 5,00 child 

First come – First serve! Limited amout of persons!