Choose the right equipment: hiking or mountain shoes with a good profile sole are essential.
Sufficient to drink and weatherproof clothing are also recommended.

Snowshoeing in Dürnbachtal

At a leisurely pace, we will trudge through the snow and a magical forest of spruce
trees, allowing ourselves to be enchanted by the winter countryside. Our goal is
the Steineralm, where we will be treated to a selection of Pinzgau specialties.

Difficulty: easy/moderate
Registration: by 4 p.m. of the day before at the tourist offices or online at
Meets: 10 a.m. Neukirchen Tourist Office with your own vehicle
Walking Time: ca. 4 hours; Returns: ca. 3 p.m.
Tour Stats: Distance: 8km I Elevation Change: ñ 290 m ò 290 m
Fee: Guided tour for guests from Neukirchen & Bramberg free with guest card, otherwise € 10.00 adult, € 5.00 child (refreshments and taxi fare, if needed, extra)